About Us

At LATITUDE LIFE™, our name isn’t just some cliché verbiage; it is the foundation of our belief system that we live and breathe every day. The products we sell are comfortable and casual and meant to remind you of your favorite LATITUDE every time you put it on! 


We believe that everyone should experience this journey of life by using their passions for travel, sports, or special occasions to help touch the lives of others.

This humanitarian philosophy has become the foundation of the brand itself.  In addition to the clothing and accessories we offer, we also utilize  the LATITUDE LIFE™ blog as place where our customers are able to advertise the “latitude” that best defines them!  25% of all profits are donated to a charitable organization that is voted on quarterly by our loyal trailblazers.  By approaching the humanitarian cause in this manner, everyone has a choice and plays a significant part in where our contribution goes. 

Even though every donation could go to a different place, the moto is still the same: “Live Life to Give Life.”